The Guardian: U.N. Should Intervene in U.S. Because of Gun Violence

Henry Porter at The Guardian has just put fuel on the fire for all the conspiracy nuts who believe that the U.N. will eventually take over the United States under a New World Order:

But what if we no longer thought of this as just a problem for America and, instead, viewed it as an international humanitarian crisis – a quasi civil war, if you like, that calls for outside intervention? As citizens of the world, perhaps we should demand an end to the unimaginable suffering of victims and their families – the maiming and killing of children – just as America does in every new civil conflict around the globe.

I know this part of his article is a bit sarcastic, but the reason the United States has never been invaded is precisely because almost everyone in this country is armed or knows someone who is armed. The military is not the enemy’s only obstacle for invasion.

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