If Guns Were Regulated Like Cars

Over at The Truth About Guns they make the argument that if guns were really regulated like cars the anti-gunners would be appalled.

  • Car dealers don’t need to be licensed by the federal government. Gun dealers do.
  • Car dealers don’t need to keep meticulous records of all transactions under penalty of law. Gun dealers do.
  • Cars don’t require registration to own or licensing to operate. Neither do guns.
  • Cars can legally be sold across state lines. Selling a gun across state lines is a felony.
  • Driver’s licenses are valid in all states. Concealed carry licenses aren’t.
  • I don’t need to tell the ATF when I take my short wheel-base car to another state. I do need to tell them when I take my SBR hunting rifle.
  • Cars aren’t banned just because they look scary. “Assault weapons” are.
  • I get a tax credit when I buy certain cars. I don’t get a tax credit for my new hunting rifle.

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