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Domestic Enemies In Senate Propose National Registration

From Senator Cory Booker:

Specifically, the legislation would require:

  • An individual to completed firearm safety training, which must include a written test and hands-on training to ensure safe use and accuracy.
  • Attorney General to conduct a history background check of any individual purchasing a firearm.

The federal firearm license must be renewed every five years at which point the applicant will have to go through a background check and undergo firearm safety training again. The bill contains a mechanism for the U.S. Department of Justice to revoke a license if an individual poses a danger to themselves or to others. The legislation would require the Federal Bureau of Investigation to regularly conduct checks to ensure that individuals are in compliance with federal license requirements and keep in place requirements that all people purchasing firearms from a federal firearms licensee undergo a background check.

Full Bill Text

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Will Radical Transparency Prevent Authoritarians?

From War on the Rocks:

Democracies have a significant advantage in weaponizing transparency at scale to highlight autocratic activities that break international norms or inflict damage on local economies and populations. The Biden administration’s latest strategic disclosure of sensitive information to the public is only one of many tools in its arsenal to promote such transparency. Others include the publication and dissemination of data produced by the U.S. government, federally funded data creation through non-governmental institutions, and a cultural shift toward embracing transparency in partnership with non-governmental practitioners. Each of these tools brings unique opportunities and challenges, but all can be wielded to improve America’s position in the global information space. Agencies are already spending significant resources on modernizing their information management systems internally to begin applying 21st-century analytical tools to the challenges of foreign policy, and these existing efforts will support the goal of making unclassified information more accessible to the public.

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Australian Government Tells Unvaccinated They Will Lose Their Rights

From The Blaze:

Government leaders in the state of New South Wales — where the bureaucracy just a month ago announced that it was giving vaccinated citizens a “reward” of one extra hour outside their homes for recreation time — announced during a Monday press briefing that unvaccinated folks “will lose their freedoms” in October, Sky News reported.

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What Is America’s Role?

From The Washington Examiner:

So how do we advance freedom and our other global interests if not through empire building or global policing? We do it through alliances.
Our most advantageous alliances are often the oldest. The “Five Eyes” intelligence cooperation between us and Australia, Britain, Canada, and New Zealand began in 1956. But even 63 years later, it continues to deliver the crown jewels of global counter-proliferation, counterterrorism, and counter-hostile state intelligence. We should never forget that the most important ingredient of intelligence is not the tools, or even the people; it is the trust and shared values between those people. That is why the alliance sustains and why it continues to deliver.

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