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First Female Blue Angel Pilot In Charge Of Fat Albert

From Marine Corps News:

Marine Capt Katie Higgins, the newest pilot of “Fat Albert,” a C-130 Hercules flown by the Blue Angels, has become the first woman in history to perform with the squadron.

“I am so glad I get to be a part of the 130 team members who are the best in their field,” said Higgins, a Severna Park, Md., native. “I came to the Blue Angels because I wanted to be a part of the elite team dedicated to precision and expertise. I didn’t come out here thinking I was going to be breaking barriers; I simply wanted to do my job to the best of my abilities.”

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Marines To Turn Tankers into Gunships

According to Defense Industry Daily, the Marines are considering a plan that would allow them to transform their C-130 tankers into gunships without having to purchase AC-130s.


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MC-130P Crash – Afghanistan, 2002

Details, video and still images taken from reconnaissance and strike footage of a downed Combat Shadow aircraft in Afghanistan in 2002.


Here are some pics and vids of my aircraft, crashed in the Hindu Kush of the Shahi-Kot valley Afghanistan and its final bombing and destruction by the squids F18.

This the bird I had flow on for all my “stan” missions up until the night it crashed. That evening, another crew had flown a mission, came back and mission hogged our line and took our bird. Well hell long story short, they logged one more takeoff than landing

Almost felt bad about giving the crew such a hard line of **** about hogging us, almost. In the end, due to a number of fortuitous circumstances, nobody died, even though it took four or five hours to cut one of the loadmasters out of the airplane and he spent the next year and a half locked up in Walter Roach er Reed.

I have sat on these things since Feb 13th 2002, all classified tell tales have been redacted and there shouldn’t be any problem posting them now.

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Navy SEAL freefalls from an Austrian C-130

A Navy SEAL freefalls from an Austrian C-130 aircraft above the Arctic Circle during Cold Response 2010. Cold Response is a Norwegian exercise open to all NATO nations for winter warfare and joint coalition training. (Navy photo/Petty Officer 2nd Class Ashley Myers)

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