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British Government Changes Law To Allow Themselves To Break Into Computers

From Hacker News:

The UK Government has quietly changed the Anti-Hacking Laws quietly that exempt GCHQ, police, and other electronic intelligence agencies from criminal prosecution for hacking into computers and mobile phones and carrying out its controversial surveillance practices.
The details of the changes were disclosed at the Investigatory Powers Tribunal, which is currently hearing a challenge to the legality of computer hacking by UK law enforcement and its intelligence agencies.

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Whole Disk Encryption At Risk

Elcomsoft has a new product that claims to be able to decrypt some of the most popular encryption software.

Security expert Bruce Schneier comments on it here.

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FBI: Malware Attacking Andriod

Malware Targets Android Smartphones

October 12, 2012
Attention smartphone users: be on guard for various types of malware attacking Android operating systems.

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