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SAS K9 Kills Jihadi In Syria

From The Daily Star:

The animal tore the throat out of one gunman as he shot at the Brits.

It then attacked two others, leaving them seriously injured.

Six more jihadis fled.

The incident occurred in the north of Syria two months ago but details of the dog’s bravery can only now be made public.

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Home Defense Dog

From NRA Shooting Sports:

It might seem professional and the perfect fit for personal defense to own a properly trained dog. But you must consider what it takes to choose, train and live with a personal-defense dog in your home. We asked three nationally respected dog trainers to define the reasons for owning a personal-defense canine and how to select the perfect dog for your lifestyle.

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K9 Heat Injuries

Know what to do if the worst happens during the hot months.

From The Loadout Room:

It’s no secret that dogs pant to expel heat. So telling you panting is a sign of distress would be absurd. Dogs pant often, without being in distress. So how do you know when it’s an emergency?

Dogs that are being affected by heat will extend their tongues as far out of their mouths as possible, expanding the surface area in order to maximize efficiency of heat expulsion. Oftentimes, dogs that are starting to become affected by heat will outstretch their tongues, with the tip of the tongue expanding at the edges, making the end of the tongue appear wider than the base. As body temperature increases, the edges at the tip of the tongue will curl upwards and many dogs will lift their lips to expose their gums to further facilitate the cooling process. The tongue will begin to turn a deep red or even purple color as the dog succumbs to high temperature.

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Profile of a Navy SEAL and His Dog

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K9 Warriors

Mike Ritland is a former US Navy SEAL who trains military dogs. He has written a book about his experience with military dogs and founded the Warrior Dog Foundation. He was also interviewed on 60 Minutes in a segment about military dogs:

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K-9 First Aid

In the video the guy mentions products for civilians, unfortunately their website only has the products available for police and military.

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Medics Learn War Dog 101

From Military Times:

“Canines differ in anatomy and physiology,” the guidelines say. “Knowledge of key differences will assist the physician in resuscitating and stabilizing … prior to transport to veterinary care.”

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Navy SEAL Hero Dog Is Top Secret

From: Global Animal


Navy SEAL, Mike Forsythe, and his dog, Cara, recently broke the world record for "highest man/dog parachute deployment" by jumping from 30,100 feet. Both wear oxygen masks. (PHOTO: Rebecca Frankel)

… Like the fictional 007, the mysterious agent came in the dead of night, helped take out the world’s most notorious terrorist, and then melted back into the shadows alongside 79 two-footed comrades in arms.

In keeping with the rest of the that killed Osama bin Laden, the dog who reportedly accompanied the Seals on the mission remains shrouded in mystery, and surrounded by speculation.

Though 79 men snuck into Abbottabad, Pakistan, only two dozen of those soldiers slid down the ropes. According to The New York Times, a military working dog () was one of them, strapped onto an assault team member as he was lowered out of a Black Hawk helicopter.

The military is staying tight-lipped about the maverick dog’s identity, refusing to reveal even breed or gender. If the dog is a female, that would make her the one and only of the ‘fairer sex’ in the SEAL Team Six since the Navy SEALs is a men-only force.

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Military Working Dogs has a weekly column on working dogs in the military written by Rebecca Frankel. This is a nice photo essay she did on war dogs. It is being reported that a dog was with the team that disposed of Osama bin Laden.

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