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Home Defense Dog

From NRA Shooting Sports:

It might seem professional and the perfect fit for personal defense to own a properly trained dog. But you must consider what it takes to choose, train and live with a personal-defense dog in your home. We asked three nationally respected dog trainers to define the reasons for owning a personal-defense canine and how to select the perfect dog for your lifestyle.

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K9 Heat Injuries

Know what to do if the worst happens during the hot months.

From The Loadout Room:

It’s no secret that dogs pant to expel heat. So telling you panting is a sign of distress would be absurd. Dogs pant often, without being in distress. So how do you know when it’s an emergency?

Dogs that are being affected by heat will extend their tongues as far out of their mouths as possible, expanding the surface area in order to maximize efficiency of heat expulsion. Oftentimes, dogs that are starting to become affected by heat will outstretch their tongues, with the tip of the tongue expanding at the edges, making the end of the tongue appear wider than the base. As body temperature increases, the edges at the tip of the tongue will curl upwards and many dogs will lift their lips to expose their gums to further facilitate the cooling process. The tongue will begin to turn a deep red or even purple color as the dog succumbs to high temperature.

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K9 Warriors

Mike Ritland is a former US Navy SEAL who trains military dogs. He has written a book about his experience with military dogs and founded the Warrior Dog Foundation. He was also interviewed on 60 Minutes in a segment about military dogs:

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Slain Navy SEAL Jon Tumilson: his dog refused to leave his side during the funeral

The dog of slain Marine Jon Tumilson refused to leave his side during the Navy SEAL’s funeral earlier this week in Rockford, Iowa. The heartbreaking photo taken by his cousin, Lisa Pembleton, shows Tumilson’s dog Hawkeye lying by the casket. (via The Daily Treat: Animal Planet)

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$19 Billion Later, Pentagon’s Best Bomb-Detector Is a Dog

“Drones, metal detectors, chemical sniffers, and super spycams — forget ‘em. The leader of the Pentagon’s multibillion military task force to stop improvised bombs says there’s nothing in the U.S. arsenal for bomb detection more powerful than a dog’s nose.

Despite a slew of bomb-finding gagdets, the American military only locates about 50 percent of the improvised explosives planted in Afghanistan and Iraq. But that number jumps to 80 percent when U.S. and Afghan patrols take dogs along for a sniff-heavy walk. “Dogs are the best detectors,” Lieutenant General Michael Oates, the commander of the Joint Improvised Explosive Device Defeat Organization, told a conference yesterday.”

$19 Billion Later, Pentagon’s Best Bomb-Detector Is a Dog | Danger Room |

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Faith: Two-legged dog that learned to walk upright inspires veterans with debilitating war injuries

Despite having only her hind legs, Faith the dog learned to walk and is an inspiration to wounded soldiers. Photo: YouTube

Faith is no ordinary dog. The labrador-chow mix was born missing one front leg, with the other so badly deformed that it had to be amputated when Faith was still a puppy.

Veterinarians suggested putting her down but Faith’s owner, Jude Stringfellow of Oklahoma City, instead taught the dog to walk on its hind legs.

Since appearing on “The Oprah Winfrey Show” in 2006, Faith has toured veterans hospitals in the U.S. to inspire servicemen injured in Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, Faith is set to travel to the U.K. to greet wounded British soldiers returning from the war in Afghanistan.

“Faith seems to inspire these young men,” Stringfellow tells Britain’s Sun. “It’s very emotional watching them respond to her. She shows what can be achieved against great odds.”

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