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Conservative Judges Not Getting Clerk Applications

From Harvard Crimson:

Harvard Law School’s Office of Career Services urged its students to apply for clerkships with Trump-appointed judges last month after they failed to utilize the office’s internal network to work with the jurists, drawing criticism from some students and scholars.
In a series of messages to students and alumni, the Office of Career Services and alumni said that the lack of applications on file seemed like “wasted opportunities,” according to Bloomberg Law.

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Lawyers Volunteer To Report Gun Owning Clients

From The Federalist:

“A man has been fired from his job. He is upset. He hires you as his attorney. You are of the opinion he has an excellent case and file a complaint on his behalf. You later discover he possesses a permit to carry a firearm. He also has a so-called enhanced carry license. While his case is wending through the courts, your client goes to a public area outside his former workplace. He displays signs that say he has been wrongfully fired. The man has no history of criminal activity, violence, or threatening anyone.”

While I was forming an answer, many lawyers immediately said they would terminate the attorney-client relationship and contact law enforcement to report their client was potentially dangerous. The only reason offered was his firearm permits.

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