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Additional Handgun Skills To Increase Your Competence

From USA Carry:

Many shooters take a basic handgun training course and/or complete the fundamental concealed carry licensing or permit class and stop at that point. Sadly, I have learned that several of our beginning students have done this, even after I have encouraged them to continue their handgun training to the next level. And I am not talking about only the mechanics of shooting, like proper grip, stance, sight alignment, sight picture, trigger control, follow-through, and a few use of deadly force laws. I know I felt that I learned so much after my day-long introductory concealed carry course that I felt that I was ready to defend myself in deadly-force situations and did not need further training on the basic mechanics or other skills.

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Virginia Targets NRA Gun Range

From The Truth About Guns:

Virginia Delegate Dan Helmer pre-filed House Bill 567 recently. If enacted, the bill would ban any indoor shooting range not owned by the commonwealth or the federal government…with an exception and some onerous reporting requirements.

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Shooting Ranges

Find a shooting range near you to practice your firearm skills.

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