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22 Virginia Counties Declare Sanctuary Status Ahead Of New Legislative Session

From The Truth About Guns:

Thus far, with Greensville County joining the movement, 22 Virginia counties have declared themselves 2A sanctuaries with 6 of other counties’ action pending.
Unsurprisingly, the confiscation crowd has seized upon this grassroots effort and grossly mischaracterized it. Even though law-abiding Virginian gun owners have not broken any laws, once again we find ourselves accused of terrible misdeeds.

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Virginia Wants To Make Firearms/Martial Arts Training Illegal

From The Captain’s Journal:

This is a remarkable development.  One refreshing thing is that the masks have all come off now.  With control of the Senate, House and Governor’s mansion, the controllers want you to know where they stand and are willing to say so out loud and in the clearest possible terms.

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Virginia Gun Owners Prepare To Disobey

From MSN:

In the past two weeks, county governments from the central Piedmont to the Appalachian Southwest — Charlotte, Campbell, Carroll, Appomattox, Patrick, Dinwiddie, Pittsylvania, Lee and Giles — have approved resolutions that defy Richmond to come take their guns.

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Opinion: VA Lawmaker’s “Offensive” Speech on the Second Amendment

From The Organic Prepper:

You may not have ever heard of Nick Freitas before, but I have a feeling we’ll all be hearing a lot about him soon. At first glance, this may seem very political, very Republican vs. Democrat.

It’s about people who got so upset about historic facts that they had to leave the room instead of engaging in a discussion.

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VA Lawmaker Defends Second Amendment

From The Daily Wire:

All eyes are suddenly fixed on Nick Freitas, a Republican member of the Virginia House of Delegates, now that he’s ticked off a lot of Democrats with his powerful speech on guns that quickly went viral, raking in over 12 million Facebook views since Friday.

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Virginia To Revoke Concealed Carry Reciprocity With Most States

From The Washington Post:

Virginia Attorney General Mark R. Herring announced Tuesday that the commonwealth will no longer recognize out-of-state concealed handgun permits, part of a national push to circumvent legislatures opposed to tightening gun laws.

Herring (D) said 25 states have lax laws compared with Virginia, where a history of stalking, drug dealing or inpatient mental health treatment can disqualify someone from carrying a concealed handgun. The move is in step with actions governors and attorneys general are taking to address gun violence without going through Republican-controlled legislatures.

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Democrats Targeted Gun Store In Virginia

From The Washington Times:

Democratic elected officials in Northern Virginia worked together to engineer a campaign against a Fairfax County firearms store in a bid to politicize gun violence and drum up support for a Democrat in an election Tuesday, an exchange of emails shows.

Delegate Kathleen Murphy, McLean Democrat, wrote an email to state Sen. Barbara Favola, Arlington Democrat, seeking help in shutting down the gun store. Ms. Favola was instrumental in organizing opposition to Mr. Gates’ shop in Arlington.


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Senator Kaine’s Gun Control Bill

From The Federalist:

Kaine’s proposed law, entitled the “Responsible Transfer of Firearms Act,” places a criminal federal liability on anyone who transfers a firearm to an individual prohibited from possessing one by federal law, according to a fact sheet provided by Kaine’s office. Under current law, only federal firearms licensees (FFLs) are criminally liable if they sell a gun to a prohibited individual. Kaine’s law would extend that criminal liability to private individuals as well.


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Firearm Training In Virginia

From: On Target Training and Heide Kaser

Heide Kaser

Heide Kaser

2012 Training Courses and NEW Website

Dear Friends and Fellow Firearm Enthusiasts

I have created a very simple website to announce On Target Training Firearm classes, which will help us share what we are doing and expedite registration.

Here is a preview for 2012:

 March 31st – Introduction to Handguns

A course which will include the firearms and ammunition. This is for people who have never fired before, or for people who want to try a variety of handguns and calibers, and get more comfortable. It is ideal for spouses and youth who want to learn in a comfortable no-stress environment.

April 21 – Defensive Pistol Skills

This one-day seminar will cover the following skills sets vital for self-defense, concealed carry, and action pistol shooting events (IDPA or USPSA): rapid drawing from a holster and target acquisition, quick placement of multiple hits on a target, rapid placement of hits on multiple targets, use of cover – moving to cover and firing from cover, use of movement – while drawing, moving to cover, and while firing, and techniques for smooth and rapid reloads. We will end the course with shooting mini-scenarios applicable to self-defense situations or an action pistol match, in which all of the skills practiced during the day will be utilized.

June 2 – Practical Carbine

This course is designed for rifle students interested in mastering accuracy and speed on both paper and reactive steel targerts using a variety of positions and movement.

Drills range from focusing on traditional rifle positions and accuracy to firing on the move, firing on steel from distance behind cover, adverse firing positions, decision making and reactive drills.

Students at all skill levels benefit from taking this course to improve their accuracy and speed. The day will end with challenging field courses designed to use the skills practiced during the day, and will make use of the rolling wooded terrain on this property.

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Virginia To Allow Multiple Gun Purchases Per Month


Today, the Virginia Senate passed Senate Bill 323 by a 21 to 19 vote.  SB 323 would repeal the archaic prohibition of purchasing more than one handgun per month.

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After My Daughter’s Death — A Father’s View of the Immigration Debate

By Ray Tranchant,

My 16-year-old daughter, Tessa, was killed by an illegal immigrant in Virginia Beach three years ago while sitting at a stop light. Her friend Ali Kunhardt, 17, also perished instantly. […]

Ramos was actually smug at the trial and took his lumps: 40 years in prison. There was nothing I could do but forgive him; forgiveness cleanses the soul. He was an uneducated foreigner patronized by local merchants who needed cheap labor.

Hundreds of thousands of illegals in Virginia do the same. We don’t share a border with Mexico, so the awareness here isn’t as great as Arizona or California.


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Virginia Politician Wants Tougher Illegal Immigration Laws

“Corey Stewart, chairman of the Prince William County Board of Supervisors, is proposing model legislation for Virginia legislators to consider based on the new Arizona immigration law.

“It will require officers to check immigration status of any person who is detained for any reason whatsoever if there is reasonable suspicion that the person is an illegal immigrant, but it’s important to note that the person must be lawfully stopped.”

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