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Tactics In The Modern Age

From War on the Rocks:

The historian David Edgerton authored a book entitled The Shock of the Old in which he argues that our society’s collective obsession with rapidly changing technology often blinds us to the older tools and techniques that actually drive most of what we observe around us. We believe this logic can be applied here. The diffusion of 100-year old combat techniques, coupled with readily available technology, may create serious threats that are not currently being considered.

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CSAT Advanced Patrol Tactics Class


Two years ago, in the summer of 2006, I attended my first training class taught by MSG Paul Howe, USA Retired. Howe taught proper rifle shooting positions, transition drills, and laid out a baseline of skillsets that every rifleman should be able to perform on demand. Howe expertly taught the fundamentals of basic rifle shooting in addition to briefing the class on weapon maintenance, gear placement and preparing for medical emergencies. I took so much away from the class, that I immediately started looking forward to my next training class with Howe.

In 2006, Paul Howe operated under Triple Canopy’s training division, but now he is on his own and works out of his CSAT (Combat Shooting and Tactics) facility in Nacogdoches, TX. The CSAT facility has on-site lodging for up to 24 students, a classroom, and an extensive range facility.


Instructor Paul Howe pictured with the author.

Instructor Paul Howe pictured with the author.

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