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Traffic Stop Turns Into Shootout



This is dramatic proof of why it is so important to train to stay in the fight until the threat is neutralized. This shooter was mortally wounded yet continued to manipulate his weapon, move to cover, retreat to his vehicle while covering his movement, then drive the vehicle half a mile before succumbing to his wounds. Fortunately the officer recovered from his injuries.

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Police Shootout Caught on Dash Cam

Video is graphic:

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Traffic Stops at Night

If you want an officer’s perspective on night time traffic stops Police Mag has an extensive article on the subject. My father is a former LEO and he always told me that if I was stopped at night to turn on the cabin light and then put my hands on the steering wheel until I was asked for my information by the officer. It is a good tip for all you civilians out there to make the officers job as easy as possible during a stop.

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