Is Chicago trying to stifle right-to-carry ‘town hall meetings’?

Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley

Kurt Hofmann, St. Louis Gun Rights Examiner:
“Back in April, I wrote about Illinois Carry’s announcement of a series of “town hall meetings” throughout the state, to educate the public about defensive handgun carry. Since then, those meetings have started the process of building public support for armed self-defense.

Perhaps they’re making a difference–attitudes certainly seem to be changing. That’s why gun rights advocates were really looking forward to having such a meeting right in Chicago itself, and why it’s so unfortunate that a planned south-side Chicago meeting for June 30th has suddenly been thrown into limbo. From the Chicago Reader:

Gerald Vernon says he did everything he should have to obtain a permit to hold a meeting at the Tuley Park field house on the south side…and walked away thinking he’d reserved a meeting room for the evening of June 30. The group that would be convening was Illinois Carry, an organization advocating for the right to bear concealed firearms.

But on Wednesday, a week before the scheduled date of the event, he got a call telling him his permit had been revoked.

The event has apparently been canceled–with no explanation.”

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