Utah: List Of Accused Illegal Aliens mailed to Utah media, law enforcement, and the state House and Senate

“An anonymously created list of 1300 people accused of being illegal aliens arrived by U.S. mail Monday at Utah media outlets, law enforcement agencies, and the state House and Senate.

The list, comprised almost solely of Hispanic names, contained Social Security numbers, birth dates and contact information for each person along with their workplaces, their children’s names and even the due dates of pregnant women.

State Representative Steven Sandstrom, R-Orem, who is writing Utah’s own version of Arizona SB 1070, says the approach is misguided and unlawful .”I think it’s a wrong approach,” Sandstrom told the Salt Lake Tribune. “It sends the wrong message, and it doesn’t follow the rule of law with the bill that I’m writing.”

Ron Mortensen, of the Utah Coalition On Illegal Immigration, a group that has historically been very vocal against illegal immigrants, also denied any involvement in creating the list, calling it, “an inappropriate action. It’s never right to release government documents, if that’s what this is.”



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