“I always ALWAYS carry a knife”

“I always ALWAYS carry a knife. I have a few that I mix it up with. A nice 4 inch Gerber, a small Swiss army, a jack knife I got from my grandfather.

My reason is a little sad so be forewarned. When I was young (8-10) My brother and I were friends with these kids across town named Rob and Tom. We were over at their house or them at ours at least 5 nights a week. One night we were building a bridge out of sticks and boards across some water in a shallow ditch after a big rainstorm. It couldn’t have been more than half a meter deep. We hear brakes squeal and see a car flip into the ditch a ways down the road.

We ran over to see what happened and recognized the car. It was Rob and Toms father. He hit a puddle going a little to fast and lost control. This was not an abandoned road so 2 other cars had stopped to help by the time we bolted down to the crash.

The car was upside down in the water and we could see him struggling with his seat belt. Everyone tried to get him loose but the belt was twisted and no one had a knife on them. We tried to fray it with keys and burn it with a lighter but to no avail. I watched with my brother, my best friends and 3 adults as said best friends’ father drowned in front of them in half a meter of water because no one had a knife to cut him loose.”


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