Man saves family from road-side robbery, shoots assailant

David Jayquon Jakes of Smoaks, armed robbery suspect

“…At that time, a silver-colored sedan pulled up occupied by three individuals and a male subject, later identified as David Jayquon Jakes, 19, exited the back seat and pointed a large caliber handgun at one of the women.

The victims said Jakes was covering his face with a cloth of some type and started ordering her as he referred to her as “pretty lady.” At that time, the woman’s son-in-law stood up from behind his vehicle and she ran to her daughter as they took cover.

Her son-in-law was armed and drew his weapon and ordered them to leave several times. As Jakes turned and pointed his large caliber weapon, the son-in-law fired several rounds striking Jakes who then fell to the ground and dropped his weapon.

The two subjects in the suspect vehicle helped the wounded Jakes back into their vehicle and fired several rounds back at the victim and then drove away.

A short time later, the Colleton Regional Hospital staff notified the Sheriff’s Office that they just had an individual come in to their emergency room with several gun shot wounds.”

“The man who shot him recently returned from the Middle East as an Army Specialist and has a concealed weapons permit to carry his weapon.

Sheriff George Malone said he will not be charged since he acted in self-defense.”

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