Alan Keyes: Unconstitutional attack on the state of Arizona

Alan Keyes

“Back in April, I wrote a column pointing to the constitutional provision (Article I, Section 10) that recognizes that when one of the United States is “actually invaded,” the state government may act, without federal authorization, to defend itself.

Due to the federal government’s ongoing dereliction, in open and abusive defiance of existing federal law, Arizona and several other states of the Union are the victims of an ongoing invasion, which endangers and damages the lives and livelihood of their inhabitants.

According to the Constitution’s language, when actually invaded, a state may go to war in defense of its citizens. Arizona has undertaken instead to respond to the invasion by directing its police forces to make a special effort to do what the federal government refuses to do – carry out existing federal law.

But even if there were no such federal laws, Arizona has the clear constitutional prerogative to respond to the actual invasion of its territory.”

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