The Knoxx recoil reduction stock

“The Knoxx stock uses fairly massive internal springs to absorb and spread out the recoil pulse of the heavy hitting shotgun. The kick is still there, but instead of a painful jab it’s reduced to a long ‘shove’.

This technology shines in two areas; Letting recoil sensitive people shoot the thumper without fear, and aiding in shear controllability of the shotgun.

It’s hard to argue that heavy recoil reduces ones ability to control a weapon, and mitigating the recoil helps the shooter stay on target. This is the point behind every rifle muzzle brake and ported competition pistol.

The Knoxx recoil reduction stock is indeed a gadget, but unlike so many… this one actually works.

On top of that, it has passed the ‘Carteach0 Gorilla of Doom Destruction Testing’. In plainer words, I attempted to break the stock in some very unreasonable ways. By simply pulling it apart with my bear hands (pun intended), and even beating it against a range bench (shotgun won, bench lost).”

“I can shoot power point slugs all day long without injuring my shoulder..
before i put this stock on, I literally couldn’t get through 10 rounds before wanting to switch to bird shot..

I’m NOT kidding it makes that much of a difference…this is a MUST for ANY shotgun..”

“This product is amazing. I’m a small woman who can now shoot full 3″ Magnum Slugger loads with one hand!!! AMAZING! There is almost no felt recoil what so ever and target reacquisition is incredibly fast.

I’d highly recommend this product to everyone.”

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