Ilegal Immigration: Americans Fed Up With Government’s Failure

by Rory Cripps

“According to various estimates, there are currently 10 to 12 million illegal immigrants in the U.S. Most of those illegal immigrants are from Mexico and Central America.

What is painfully clear to the American people is that both the Bush and Obama administrations, and those before them, have in effect refused to enforce the U.S. immigration statutes unless one believes that an enforcement rate of 2 percent is something to write home about.

Poll after poll conducted by reputable polling organizations consistently indicates that an overwhelming majority of American citizen’s believe the U.S. federal government has no desire to enforce the immigration laws.And who can blame them for believing that?

There is no evidence to suggest otherwise. Indeed, many American citizens in border states such as Texas and Arizona watch their property get trampled on and destroyed, day in and day out, by illegal immigrants which include drug-traffickers, smugglers, and kidnappers.

And then, to add insult to injury, property owners and home owners are told by local law enforcement that they don’t have the right to protect their own property and that local law enforcement’s hands are tied  because enforcement is vested exclusively in the federal government.

Just imagine the outrage and sheer frustration of witnessing people trespassing on your property day in and day out and in the process the trespassers urinate and defecate on your property and strew litter all over it.

And because it’s your property,  you’re stuck cleaning up the mess, in addition to being told by  law enforcement that you have no right to protect your property or lay a hand on the trespassers because only the federal government has the authority to do so.

The numbers are not in favor of illegal immigration. And my prediction is that if the U.S. government continues ignoring the American people’s demands for immigration control there will be hell to pay, because the country will swing so far to the right that it will take decades before it comes back toward the center.”

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