Zeta Leader Killed in Shootout in Monterrey

“Following a pursuit and confrontation with the military, four members of an armed group were killed by gunfire after they come out shooting from an SUV in Colonia Caracol south of Monterrey.

Military sources reported that a convoy of three army units ran into two SUV’s along Avenida Chapultepec, about 500 meters east of the junction with Revolution.

When the military attempted to stop the two vehicles for an inspection, the vehicles sped away at full speed on a west bound direction.

While fleeing, the gunmen launched an attack against the military that forced the military to respond back with gunfire.

Mexican police say narco-blockades are becoming more common in Monterrey, with the most recent occurring Saturday. Earlier this month, soldiers stood guard around stolen trailers used by gunmen to form a barricade on a main road.


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