Napolitano: Enough Enforcement Already; Time for “a pathway to legalization”.

“The ink was barely dry on the new, rather sparse border spending legislation before Homeland Security boss Janet Napolitano piped up for the big amnesty enchilada.

And the enforcement ducks aren’t in line by a long shot.

A small fraction (1200) of the recommended number (6000) of National Guard troops promised for August 1 are going to arrive somewhat later than that. Plus a few hundred million dollars for border security is small change in a town where nothing important goes for less than billions. Washington is sending Mexico $1.4 billion for its interior law enforcement, in one example of government priorities.

About those National Guard troops, 470 have received their orders and will be trained for border duty, and the remainder will arrive in 60 to 90 days (Guard troops receive orders, training for border duty, August 12, 2010, There’s no rush to defend America’s dangerously open perimeter, that’s for sure.”

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