Today, Iran began mass-producing two kinds of high-speed missile-launching assault boats

The Iranian made 'Seraj'

Iranian State TV says Iran has inaugurated production lines for two types of assault boats - one dubbed Zolfaghar, after a famed sword, and a second named Seraj, or Light.

“WASHINGTON — The United States voiced concern Monday over Iran’s unveiling of new assault boats and an aerial drone, but said Iran’s arms buildup will backfire as its neighbors gang up against it.

Iran began mass-producing two high-speed variants of missile-launching assault boats on Monday, a day after Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad revealed a home-built bomber drone.”

Missles, Drones and Boats, oh my! (Not to mention Nuclear Power Plants) Those industrious Iranians have really been busy lately, building new devices of death and destruction. Not to worry, though: they follow a Religion of Peace! [taqiyya].

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