Chicago Six Flags sponsoring “Muslim Family Day” – the day after 9/11

MUSLIM DAY AT SIX FLAGS is being sponsored by the Islamic Circle of North America which openly supports HAMAS and Hezbollah and refuses to condemn them. It has been under investigation for fund-raising for and money laundering to Islamic terrorist groups.

Six Flags tells its employees: “Out of respect (to Islam), we request the employees wear their uniform pants, instead of their shorts”no matter how hot it is.

Better get used to it: your lives are going to change more and more as we are pushed into showing “respect” for Islam. Muslims in the Netherlands pressured cities to force construction workers to stop wearing shorts, too, because it “offended” them.

Well, it offends me that they would have the gall to put on a special Muslim celebration the day after 9/11. They are not shy about voicing their outrage over the slightest perceived insult, why should we sit quietly and let them insult the memory of those murdered by Islamic Purists?

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