Good news! Michigan Muslim “probably not a terrorist”

The New York Times reports:

WASHINGTON — American law enforcement officials said Tuesday that they believed that two Yemeni men detained in Amsterdam after unusual items were found in their luggage had no connection to terrorism…

Though no explosives were found, investigators considered the possibility that the men might be conducting a test run for a terrorist attack, officials said.

By Tuesday, that possibility was all but ruled out. Neither man was on any terror watch list or had any known history of militancy.

A search of Mr. Soofi by airport security screeners in Birmingham, Ala., as he waited to board a flight to Chicago on Sunday found that he was carrying $7,000 in cash and that his luggage contained a cellphone taped to a bottle of Pepto-Bismol, three cellphones taped together and several watches taped together, officials said. The bag also contained pill bottles, a box cutter and three large knives, according to an internal Transportation Security Administration report.

None of the items violated the restrictions for checked luggage, and Mr. Soofi was allowed to fly to Chicago.”

My favorite part was, “Neither man … had any known history of militancy.” They are followers of a militant ideology that teaches its followers to kill infidels. How stupid are we?

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