Shot Show 2011 – New Registration Requirements

From: Shot Show Blog

Exhibitors at the 2011 show will have a much easier time identifying true “buyers” thanks to changes to the attendee-registration process.

Attendee badges will be more specific, enabling exhibitors to better identify various buyer categories.

This change is based on feedback from our exhibitors, who stated that the traditional red attendee badges used at the show do not clearly identify who from an organization is the decision-maker in buying.

Web-based registration will start out by asking if attendees are buyers or non-buyers. From there, the attendee will filter through the demographic questions that will assist us in determining the categories of people attending the show.

Past show attendees should be able to find their information in the system and should move through the process quickly. The identification and verification policy that was started at the 2010 show will continue for the 2011 show.


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