Ciudad Juarez: 427 women murdered from 1993 to 2007 – but 252 murdered so far in 2010 alone.

“All this, just across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas

Press records show that murders of women in the Ciudad Juarez area have taken place this year as follows: 16 in January, 9 in February, 28 in March, 15 in April and 17 in May. June closed with 29 victims, July with 25 cases and August ended with 41 violent deaths. The number for September was 44, a new record. October has already had 28 assassinations of women in 19 days. The 23 year old woman whose body was found abandoned on a street in Juarez just a couple of days ago died after a guitar string was wrapped around her neck and then was twisted until her head was severed.

While in fourteen years, from Jan. of 1993 to Dec. of 2007, there were 427 women murdered there, this year there have already been 252 such cases.”

“Women — many as young as fourteen — comprise 70 per cent of the Juárez workforce. They eke out a four-dollar-a-day living in the maquiladoras — sweatshop factories that have mushroomed along the border since Mexico signed up to the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1992. Yet in addition to exploitation and squalor, the women of Ciudad Juárez are oppressed by a murder rate that has attracted worldwide revulsion.”

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