The Swiss vote to deport Criminal Foreigners.

“GENEVA — After heated debate and a campaign utilizing controversial “black sheep” posters, Switzerland’s far-right party won voters’ support in a referendum Sunday that calls for the automatic deportation of foreigners who are convicted of serious crimes.”

What resonated with voters were contentions that foreigners accounted for a disproportionate share of Swiss crime. Christian Blocher, the People’s Party leader, asserted at a debate at Geneva University during the campaign that foreigners make up 22 percent of the resident population but account for 54 percent of convictions for grievous bodily harm and 62 percent of robbery convictions. “Prisons do not stop crimes,” he said. “The only way to go about it is to force them to leave the country.”

The question I have is, why would this cause heated debate? If you come to our country, then commit a serious crime, you’re out of here.

What’s complicated about that?

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