Ed Schultz interview with Joe Zamudio

“The solution is not more laws, the solution is helping people.”

Zamudio: “Sir, when I came through the door I had my hand on my pistol and I clicked the safety off. I was ready to kill him, but I didn’t have to do that and I was very blessed that I didn’t have to go to that place…all I had to do was help.”

Schultz: “You would have used that firearm?”

Zamudio: “You’re damn right. This is my country, my town, you don’t get to walk around hurting people, killing innocents and little girls – it’s not right, man.”

Schultz: “How do you feel about the gun laws in Arizona?”

Zamudio: “You know, I carry a gun everywhere I go, sir. Honestly, I believe that you can make as many laws as you want , people who want guns are going to get them…criminals can get guns any way they want.

You can make as many laws as you want, it’s not going to stop anybody…that’s not the solution, the solution is helping people, taking care of people…I think our answer is to help people and not to argue about whether or not we’re allowed to own guns. We live in America and we’re allowed to own guns.”

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