Barret 6.8 Ammo and Mags

When it comes to defending yourself, you have to be able to depend on your rifle. You can eliminate all doubt when you equip your REC7® with Barrett’s 30-round 6.8 SPC rifle magazine. These magazines are constructed of high-carbon steel and heat-treated to ensure dependability and extended service life. Barrett machine-tumbles the magazine to remove burs and create smooth feeding. Designed to meet Barrett’s standard of perfection, this magazine will keep your REC7 supplied when you need it most.

When you choose a Barrett magazine, don’t forget to fill it with genuine Barrett ammunition. 6.8 SPC is available for the high-capacity magazines, and .50 BMG M33 Ball for the full line of Barrett’s legendary .50 caliber products.

Check out this 30-round magazine, and the full line of Barrett ammunition, in the Barrett online store.

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