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Which Is Better, 6.8 or 300BLK?


The 6.8 SPC and 300 BLK cartridges were designed for two very different jobs. 6.8 SPC was designed to be a longer range cartridge, while 300 BLK was designed to be a shorter range cartridge that worked well with a silencer.

I get this a lot, actually. And its a valid question — what makes 300 BLK so much better than the other calibers available for the AR platform? And is it actually better? So here’s the truth…

It depends on what you want to do.

I’m going to break this into three categories, encompassing everything a shooter should consider when choosing a caliber: performance, compatibility and availability.

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LWRC M6 PSD Short Barreled Rifle


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Barret 6.8 Ammo and Mags

When it comes to defending yourself, you have to be able to depend on your rifle. You can eliminate all doubt when you equip your REC7® with Barrett’s 30-round 6.8 SPC rifle magazine. These magazines are constructed of high-carbon steel and heat-treated to ensure dependability and extended service life. Barrett machine-tumbles the magazine to remove burs and create smooth feeding. Designed to meet Barrett’s standard of perfection, this magazine will keep your REC7 supplied when you need it most.

When you choose a Barrett magazine, don’t forget to fill it with genuine Barrett ammunition. 6.8 SPC is available for the high-capacity magazines, and .50 BMG M33 Ball for the full line of Barrett’s legendary .50 caliber products.

Check out this 30-round magazine, and the full line of Barrett ammunition, in the Barrett online store.

PO Box 1077 Murfreesboro, TN 37133 / 615.896.2938 T / 615.896.7313 F /


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Barrett REC7 PDW

Press Release From Barrett®


(Murfreesboro, TN) Barrett announces the newest configuration of the REC7 piston-operated rifle line; the 8-inch REC7 PDW (Personal Defense Weapon) is now available.

Our REC7 PDW was developed to meet the needs of military and law enforcement customers, and it has caught their attention by offering rifle-cartridge power and precision in a submachine gun-sized package. The REC7 PDW comes in 5.56 NATO or the 6.8 SPC cartridge, and it is available with either a mil-spec single-stage trigger or select-fire trigger group (agency/export only).

The REC7 PDW offers all the refinements of its full-size counterpart, such as the 9310 steel Barrett Enhanced Piston Bolt, which is proofed and magnetic-particle tested to ensure reliable performance. The anti-tilt bolt carrier with integral piston strike face is machined from 8620 steel. The gas block is chrome–lined, forward venting and has a fluted gas piston cylinder. This increases reliability by eliminating carbon buildup. Forward venting also keeps the operator’s hands clear of hot gasses.

REC7’s piston is made of 17-4 stainless steel and is the strongest on the market. The piston is easily accessed for cleaning without needing to remove the rail system. This enables optical sights or laser devices to maintain their zero after routine maintenance. The Barrett PDW piston system eliminates issues experienced by ultra-short rifles, increasing reliability with or without a suppressor. Designed for suppressed operations, the PDW has a two-position (suppressed/unsuppressed) nitride finished gas plug, which is easily manipulated with gloves. The REC7 PDW’s upper supports a free-floated, hammer-forged, chrome-lined barrel that is proofed and magnetic particle tested for quality assurance.

Barrett is a family-owned and operated company specializing in high performance rifle systems and accessories. Barrett manufactures rifles, ammunition and optic accessories in addition to training for civilian sport shooters, law enforcement agencies, the US military and over 63 foreign allied militaries worldwide.

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Ruger 556 Available in 6.8 SPC

Seems kind of strange that a rifle called the 556 is now available in 6.8, but more calibers can’t be a bad thing right?

6.8 SPC 556

556 in 6.8 SPC

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Wilson Combat 6.8 Project

Wilson Combat 6.8

Wilson Combat 6.8

“6.8 SPC was developed for better terminal effects while still having an acceptable long range trajectory. “

After a tremendous amount of research and testing by Bill Wilson and the Wilson Combat team we are excited to announce the availability of our custom AR platform rifles chambered in 6.8 SPC caliber.

The 6.8 SPC (6.8x43mm) was initially developed by MSG Steve Holland and Chris Murray a United States Army Marksmanship Unit gunsmith to offer superior downrange lethality over the 5.56 NATO/.223 Remington in an AR pattern service rifle with minimal loss of magazine capacity and a negligible increase in recoil. When built to the level of quality and precision Wilson Combat has achieved the 6.8 SPC is also capable of outstanding accuracy and reliability.

In our match-grade, Spec II chambered 16” barrels, The 6.8 SPC is capable of pushing a .277 caliber, 85gr bullet to over 2900 FPS. 110gr bullets easily achieve 2500 FPS with factory loaded ammunition.  Appropriate hand loading can achieve even higher velocities and enable the use of heavier projectiles up to 130 grains, which dramatically improves terminal ballistics over a 5.56 Nato/.223 Remington at long range.

This added ballistic performance makes the 6.8 SPC perfect for home protection and SRT/SWAT teams.  The 6.8 is a truly ideal hunting round for medium to heavy game and turns the AR into a serious hunting rifle.

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Rock River Arms LAR Series

The LAR Series is available in many calibers including: .223, .308, .458 SOCOM, 9mm, .40 S&W and 6.8 SPC

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Barrett REC7


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