“As much as we want violent things to stop in the world, want alone won’t help.”

“Sometimes things have to die. Most of the time they don’t, but sometimes they do.

If someone is threatening your life, the life of someone you care about, or even an innocent person that you have the ability or capacity to help, and you do nothing you are a coward and complicit in the act of violence.

Am I saying you should go crazy and shoot everything that looks at you wrong? Of course not.

Have a damn spine, though. As much as we want mean and violent things to stop in the world, want alone won’t help. I’m not a God guy, but the saying still applies: “Pray to God, but row to shore.”

Guns have many other purposes other than causing death. Much the same way that Bittorrent has many uses other than illegal copyright infringement.

I’ve fired thousands of rounds of ammunition in my life and I have never killed anything. (Except indirectly, by eating meat from the grocery store- and I accidentally ran over a turtle once)

I have a bittorrent client installed and I don’t infringe on copyrights. I own a car that can go fast and I don’t speed. I have a mouth capable of shouting fire in a crowded theater and have never done so. I own a computer capable of doing damn near anything and I can’t recall doing anything particularly bad.

Every aspect of your lifestyle was paid for at the expense of another life. The best one individual can hope to do is accept this sacrifice, and hope to mitigate the damage to others now, and in the future.”

– Author Unknown

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