U.S. Tells Its Afghan Workers: No Torture, Corpse Mutilation

“It’s never a good sign when you have to tell the men guarding your base not to murder civilians, torture detainees or desecrate corpses. But U.S. special-operations forces in Afghanistan are leaving nothing to chance.

… there are uniform expectations for would-be guards. Some of them read more like baseline conditions for membership in civilized humanity.

So-called “Afghan Security Guards” are instructed, “Do not kill or torture detained personnel.” For good measure, if someone’s taken captive, “immediately turn over to U.S., Coalition or [Afghan forces].” Should they kill someone who poses a threat, there is to be “no booby-trapping, burning [or] mutilation” of their corpses.

Afghans guarding U.S. bases don’t exactly have the best track record.”


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