UK: Man survives shotgun blast by attackers at his door, armed with bird shot

There is a running debate on the effectiveness of bird shot as a home defense round. Here is a story of a man hit at close range who survived such an attack.

“In December 2007, two men brandishing sawn-off shotguns opened fire on Mr Clarke when he answered the door of his home in Fairways, Consett, County Durham.

The steel or lead pellets entered his back, head and neck. He still managed to flee and only escaped possible death when a neighbour pulled him to safety inside their own home.”

The headline states, “Victim survives, but doctors warn he will die 25 years earlier” which seems like BS. Also, the writer of the article did not bother taking the time to verify if the shot was steel or lead.

Still this appears to be an example of someone being shot with bird shot at close range (apparently by two shotguns) and surviving.

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