Two men arrested in Berlin terror plot

BERLIN – “An elite German commando team arrested two men of Middle Eastern origin in Berlin in connection with buying material for a bomb attack, a police spokesman in Berlin said on Thursday.

They were identified as a 24- year-old German-Lebanese man and a 28-year-old from the Gaza Strip and are suspected of buying chemicals to make an explosive device, police said.

The Berlin daily Tagesspiegel quoted an investigator from the counterterrorism operation saying, “there was hardly enough forces of the mobile special commandos for other assignments because all forces were needed for the terror cell.”

Earlier in the week, Germany’s minister of interior, Hans-Peter Friedrich, from the Christian Social Union party, said roughly 1,000 Islamic terrorists live in Germany.

The Federal Republic has long been a hotbed of radical Islam. The terror group Hezbollah remains legal in Germany. According to Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, there are at least 900 active Hezbollah members there.”

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