Canada – Right to self-defence under assault


Over the past half century, the right of citizens in Western countries to defend themselves has eroded.

This is partly due to neglect. As our societies have urbanized, we have shown greater willingness to let professional police officers defend our loved ones, our property and ourselves. After all, more of us now live closer to police stations than our parents, or certainly our grandparents.

But the erosion of our right to selfdefence has also been a deliberate initiative by governments. Increasingly, politicians, policy-makers, academics and police have come to think that citizens who take up weapons – firearms or otherwise – to defend themselves are as dangerous to social peace as criminals.

Surveillance footage showing a masked intruder next to Ontario resident Ian Thomson's burning porch on August 22. Mr. Thomson's home with at least six firebombs. He was arrested for shooting at the intruders, none of whom were hit Photograph by: Handout, Handout


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