18-year old girl, Rukhsana Kauser, is an awesome warrior.

Rukhsana Kauser may not look like much, but she is awesome.

Why? Let me tell you what Rukhsana Kauser did when a very bad man, Abu Osama, broke into her home and attacked her family.

When this bad guy burst into her home he was confronted by her father. Abu Osama attacked the father, beating him terribly.

18 year-old Rukhsana Kauser and her 19 year-old brother were hiding under the bed in her room, watching the severe beating of their parents at the hands of this terrorist, Abu Osama. Only, instead of getting terrorized, she got extremely angry.


“I couldn’t bear my father’s humiliation…I thought I should try the bold act of encountering militants before dying.”

– Rukhsana Kauser


Rukhsana and her brother grabbed a couple of hatchets, crawled out from under the bed, and charged forward.

Ruksana grabbed Abu Osama by his head, and slammed the back of his skull against the wall. Then, as he was backed up against the wall, she smashed him with the hatchet.

As he started to slump down, Rukhsana reached down, grabbed his AK-47, and cracked him in the face with the stock, then flipped it around, and pumped twelve rounds into his head and torso at point-blank range, killing him instantly.

The other five bad guys found themselves facing a raging teenage girl with an AK. In the few seconds that followed, Rukhsana wounded two more terrorists, and sent the rest running for cover.

The terrorists tried to return fire, but Rukhsana and her brother (who had picked up a rifle that one of the militants dropped) exchanged gunfire until the bad guys ran off.

Rukhsana Kauser stood up, defended her family from some of the most notorious criminals in Northern India. She and her brother had fought off six terrorist by themselves, killing one and wounding a couple more. Abu Osama, one of the most dangerous criminals in the world, was lying dead at her feet.

She not only saved every member of her family, including herself, from certain death, she also managed to rid the universe of a very bad man.

That, my friends, is awesome.


“I had never touched a rifle before this, let alone fired one – but I had seen heroes firing in films and I tried the same way. Somehow I gathered courage.”

– Rukhsana Kauser


She has been relocated to a witness protection program, nominated for the highest award for civilian bravery offered by the Indian government, and awarded the $6,000 bounty that had been placed on the head of the fallen terrorist leader.


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