Send a GI a G2

From: Peacekeeper Support Network


About the Send a GI a G2 Program

Send a GI a G2 is a program dedicated to providing Surefire G2 flashlights as well as other necessary gear to the men and women in uniform who are deployed overseas. The Send a GI a G2 program has been sending flashlights and other gear for several years now. The program had humble beginnings as an attempt to get a few friends some quality gear. From there it has seen several great people handle the project, each pushing it forward a little bit more.

The Surefire G2 flashlight is industry recognized for it’s high quality, excellent output, good battery life, and most important, it’s durability. Surefire flashlights have been in harms way and proven themselves again and again in the face of danger. Most branches of the military do not issue as high quality gear as the G2.

It is our aim to provide members of the armed services with the highest quality gear possible. We believe that our soldiers deserve the best one way or the other. Send a GI a G2 has been handling job specific requests for gear including but not limited to rifle accessories, shooting glasses, home town newspapers, caffeine supplements and anything else a soldier requests.

Our program is personalized enough where we can provide support to individuals and handle specific requests for products.

Currently, Send a GI a G2 is shipping an average of a box a week to members of the armed forces deployed in harms way.

We have sent packages to all points APO, as well as members of British and Canadian forces. The program has been able to send thousands of boxes to soldiers, and intends to send thousands more.

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