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Heide Kaser

Heide Kaser

2012 Training Courses and NEW Website

Dear Friends and Fellow Firearm Enthusiasts

I have created a very simple website to announce On Target Training Firearm classes, which will help us share what we are doing and expedite registration.

Here is a preview for 2012:

 March 31st – Introduction to Handguns

A course which will include the firearms and ammunition. This is for people who have never fired before, or for people who want to try a variety of handguns and calibers, and get more comfortable. It is ideal for spouses and youth who want to learn in a comfortable no-stress environment.

April 21 – Defensive Pistol Skills

This one-day seminar will cover the following skills sets vital for self-defense, concealed carry, and action pistol shooting events (IDPA or USPSA): rapid drawing from a holster and target acquisition, quick placement of multiple hits on a target, rapid placement of hits on multiple targets, use of cover – moving to cover and firing from cover, use of movement – while drawing, moving to cover, and while firing, and techniques for smooth and rapid reloads. We will end the course with shooting mini-scenarios applicable to self-defense situations or an action pistol match, in which all of the skills practiced during the day will be utilized.

June 2 – Practical Carbine

This course is designed for rifle students interested in mastering accuracy and speed on both paper and reactive steel targerts using a variety of positions and movement.

Drills range from focusing on traditional rifle positions and accuracy to firing on the move, firing on steel from distance behind cover, adverse firing positions, decision making and reactive drills.

Students at all skill levels benefit from taking this course to improve their accuracy and speed. The day will end with challenging field courses designed to use the skills practiced during the day, and will make use of the rolling wooded terrain on this property.

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