New York Attempting To Ban Knives

Here is another example of the police state’s determination to disarm its citizens of any means of defense against criminals. First it was firearms, now knives and edged weapons. Knife Rights, an organization similar to the NRA, is challenging New York on behalf of retailers and citizens alike.

From AmmoLand:

Like other retailers who were threatened with prosecution (Home Depot and Ace Hardware among them), Native Leather surrendered much of its knife inventory, made substantial monetary payments, and stopped selling a number of common pocket knives (mischaracterized by the City as “gravity knives” and “switchblades”) to avoid the DA’s wrath. Because of the vagueness and inconsistency in the way the City and DA interpret state law, Native Leather still has no definite means of determining whether the DA’s office will once again allege that its knives are illegal in the future.

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