Ironkey S200 Flash Drive Review

From: Healthy Passwords

Ironkey S200 Flash Drive Review from 2011.


The security industry has long considered Ironkey to be “the” premiere flash drive. We wondered how user-friendly Ironkey would be for non-technical users, so we decided to evaluate the drive from a non-technical perspective.

Ironkey Features

  1. Military-grade Hardware Encryption.
  2. Waterproof.
  3. Support for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.
  4. Portable Application Support (Apps living and running only on flash drive).
  5. Identity Manager for Password Management. (Windows Only)
  6. Verisign Identity Protection Built into Identity Manager. (Windows Only)
  7. Secure Sessions Service to encrypt browser traffic. (Windows Only)
  8. Self-Destruct after 10 consecutive invalid password attempts (just erases flash).
  9. Online management account to backup Identity Manager records. (Windows Only)
  10. Optional ability to reset hardware password online.



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