Diane Feinstein: Totalitarian Hypocrite

If she could she would ban all firearms in spite of the second amendment:

Now is trying to do that with the banning of all weapons with detachable magazines and magazines that hold more than ten rounds:

Here is the example of her hypocrisy. She wants to be able to protect herself but would deny law abiding citizens that ability.

The people that voted this woman into office should be ashamed of themselves. She doesn’t care about the Constitution and any quip about hunting is just lip service for those that support the second amendment. For those NRA members that think it is ok to ban so called “assault weapons”, I would ask you to seriously reconsider your position. Try to envision a United States where these weapons are banned and forbidden to be in anyone’s possession. No one wants to imagine a despot or dictator taking over, but that is sure to happen when the people are unable to defend themselves. It may not happen immediately, it may happen 50 years after, but sooner or later some power hungry person will take advantage of a disarmed populace. What Mrs. Feinstein is attempting to do is lay the foundation of this future United States. On Thursday Jan. 3 she will introduce her legislation.

Of all people Ice T gets it:

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