LA Times Calls For Banning Firearms Because People “May” Go Crazy

George Skelton writing in the LA Times has this to say about the TSA agent that killed a colleague at LAX:

Problem is, too many citizens are law-abiding until they aren’t anymore.

Murder is already against the law and that TSA agent broke the law when he decided to kill. What does the manner of murder matter? Why don’t we ban automobiles because of the possibility someone might go crazy in the future and run over people. Everyone has the potential for evil, but that doesn’t stop us from choosing to accept those rare and horrific incidents in an open and free society.

The crux of the matter is the anti-gunners don’t care that you and I are law-biding citizens. We may go crazy at any moment and that scares the hell out of them. They don’t want to own guns themselves for protection, so they vote for the government to vicariously take our guns away. They get a false sense of security from this because they believe laws are a cure-all. Never mind the fact that criminals by their very nature ignore the law.

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