Modern M1 Carbine

Fulton Armory updates the M1 carbine with their new M3 Scout: review:

Fulton begins with original WWII receivers and other existing U.S.G.I. parts that are rebuilt, refinished and (if the rifle we have in for review is any indication) perfect. Then they dress the rifle with hand-selected Walnut stocks that are hand-finished with period-correct linseed oil, before installing match-grade barrels in your choice of standard or chrome-lined. All of the pieces are assembled in Fulton’s facility in Maryland. For those who truly know their history, the M3 Scout still comes with a type 3 barrel band and bayonet lug. The handguard, though, has been upgraded to a picatinny scout rail, made by UltiMAK. While not period-correct, the resulting gun has the nostalgic feel of the Service Carbine and more options for easily mounting optics in front of the receiver. If you change your mind about the rail later, it’s fairly straightforward and easy to replace with a wooden handguard, if you want to preserve the historical feel.

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