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New Jersey Confiscates WWII M1 Carbine


 A Cumberland County man cannot keep his grandfather’s World War II rifle because it is an illegal assault firearm, according to a Sept. 15 New Jersey Superior Court Appellate Division decision.

The M1 carbine could not be returned to him because it falls under the definition of an assault firearm, which is illegal to possess according to New Jersey law.

In a motion filed by Burt, he told the court that he acquired the rifle in 2006 from his grandfather, who served in World War II.

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National Shooting Champion

MKS Supply and Inland Manufacturing Awards   

Firearm to Top Shooter at National Championships

MKS Supply, LLC, Dayton OH, August 2015– Inland Manufacturing and MKS Supply, LLC, the exclusive marketer for Inland firearms is extremely proud to announce its awarding firearms to two shooters (one, the National Champion) at the National Championships held in July at Camp Perry, Ohio.


Inland Manufacturing’s President, Ron Norton presented Army Staff Sargent Lawrence Cleveland of the U.S. Army marksmanship Unit (AMU) with a replica World War II 1911A1 pistol ($749.00 MSRP) for firing a blistering score of 294-7X out of 300 possible points and winning the prestigious 2015 National Trophy Individual (NTI) Pistol Match. The NTI Pistol Match began in 1904, the second year of the National Matches, and is considered to be the most prestigious pistol event at the Camp Perry National Championships.

USA BG Maria Kelly presents General Custer Trophy plaque to SSG Lawrence Cleveland (name will be engraved on the National Trophy) and Ron Norton of Inland Manufacturing presents SSG. Cleveland an Inland replica of famed WWII 1911 .45ACP pistol.


Inland Manufacturing also conducted a drawing for all the competitors entered in the .30 caliber M1 CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) Carbine Match at Camp Perry.


Raymond Vaughn of Gwynn Oak, MD won the drawing and received a Model 1945 M1 Inland Manufacturing .30 caliber carbine ($1049.00 MSRP). Here is where karma really comes in play; Vaughn was competing at the Carbine Match with a genuine original WWII Inland manufactured .30 caliber carbine!


Charles Brown of MKS Supply says “the National Championships at Camp Perry are the recognized crown jewel of American firearm competitions. We are very honored to present these awards to the shooters at this great competition event.”


Inland 1911s pistols and Inland M1 Carbines are available through its exclusive marketer and co-sponsor

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MKS Supply Making New M1 Carbines

For immediate release:

MKS Supply Brings Back the M1 Carbine!


Almost too cool to be true


 Dayton, OH, October 2014–MKS Supply, LLC announces that production of the original Inland brand M1 Carbine is again underway and the iconic .30 caliber, World War II-era M1 Carbine will be marketed exclusively by MKS Supply, LLC.

These newly manufactured M1 Carbines are 100 percent American-made with 100 percent American parts. These are faithful copies of the original Inland Manufacturing carbines, right down to part construction and stampings. They even include the arsenal-stamped stock markings known as cartouches!

In fact, these carbines are so precisely copied from the original specifications that the company marks the underside of the barrel and the inside of the stock of these current models to prevent potential fraudsters from passing these new carbines as mint WWII originals, or using these new-production parts to “upgrade” original models (these markings are not visible unless the action is removed from the stock).

Three Inland M1 Carbine models are just now available:

M1 1944 Wood stocked original design without bayonet lug……….MSRP $1049.00

M1 1945 wood stocked original (above) design with bayonet lug…MSRP $1049.00

M1A1Paratrooper. Original design folding heavy wire stock……….MSRP $1179.00

  • All carbines include an original-looking cloth sling and oiler.
  • The 1945 and Paratrooper models come with one 15-round magazine.
  • The original 1944 Model did not have a bayonet lug, so MKS chose the new Inland 1944 model to come with a 10-round magazine in order to comply with the law in states that limit magazine capacity to ten rounds and prohibit the sale of firearms with bayonet lugs (to prevent millions of “drive-by bayonetings” we assume).

One magazine is included with each carbine. Extra 15- and 30-round magazines are not available with this offering, but all models will accept original and correct replica 15-and 30-round magazines. All models feature the same original-type adjustable 1944-era “peep” battle sights.


A total of 150,000 Paratrooper models were produced in WWII by all manufacturers. The Inland M1A1 Paratrooper is modeled after the late-1944 production model, which had a low wood walnut forend, Type II barrel band, folding wire stock, and no bayonet lug.

The M1 Carbine is a great little firearm. It has cool, classic looks, is fun to shoot and packs a low-recoil even as the 110-grain .30 caliber bullet is pushed at nearly 2,000 FPS.


Quick history:

Of the 6,232,100 M1Carbines produced overall, almost half were produced by the Inland Division of General Motors between 1941 and 1945. During that time, Inland produced three basic models: The 1944 model without a bayonet lug; the 1945 model with a bayonet lug (probably at the urging of the troops); and a wire stock Paratrooper model that also had no bayonet lug. Also produced by various manufacturers were an additional 570,000 select-fire M2 Carbines and 2,100 M3 Carbines (with flash hider and without sights to allow space for the addition of an infrared sniper scope).


The long-lived M1 Carbine was used into the early 1960s by U.S Special Forces advisers in Vietnam and by indigenous troops throughout the war due to its compact size and light weight (5lbs, 3oz). It is still used around the world by various military and police units.


Exclusively Marketed by

MKS Supply, LLC

8611-A North Dixie Drive

Dayton, OH, 45414


Media Professionals Only:

For more information or images please contact

Shults Media Relations, LLC at

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Modern M1 Carbine

Fulton Armory updates the M1 carbine with their new M3 Scout: review:

Fulton begins with original WWII receivers and other existing U.S.G.I. parts that are rebuilt, refinished and (if the rifle we have in for review is any indication) perfect. Then they dress the rifle with hand-selected Walnut stocks that are hand-finished with period-correct linseed oil, before installing match-grade barrels in your choice of standard or chrome-lined. All of the pieces are assembled in Fulton’s facility in Maryland. For those who truly know their history, the M3 Scout still comes with a type 3 barrel band and bayonet lug. The handguard, though, has been upgraded to a picatinny scout rail, made by UltiMAK. While not period-correct, the resulting gun has the nostalgic feel of the Service Carbine and more options for easily mounting optics in front of the receiver. If you change your mind about the rail later, it’s fairly straightforward and easy to replace with a wooden handguard, if you want to preserve the historical feel.

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