Women Sexually Assaulted by Libyan Soldiers Being Trained in Britain

From The Daily Mail:

Two Libyan soldiers who were being trained in the UK behaved like a ‘pack preying on women’ as they stalked them in the dark to sexually assault them, a court has heard.

The court heard how the soldiers – who all appeared in court wearing tracksuits – are based at Bassingbourn Barracks some 14 miles outside Cambridge.

Prosecutor Paul Brown told the court: ‘The most serious aspect of it it there are males targeting females under the cover of darkness.

The worst part about this is the entire thing, from A to Z, is the fault of the British government. The government brought those men in to the country and allowed for this possibility. That alone is bad enough, but the government also prevented those women from defending themselves by not allowing the possession of firearms. The entire situation is terrible but it is a good thing the women still have their lives, no thanks to the British government.

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