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Why Was The Synagogue Hostage Taker Allowed In The Country?

From Washington Free Beacon:

U.S. officials confirmed Tuesday that Malik Faisal Akram, who died after law enforcement stormed the Beth Israel synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, on Saturday, was on an MI5 watch list in 2020. That fact, as well as Akram’s previous arrests, should have blocked his entry into the United States, according to immigration experts and lawmakers.

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The Myth Of Lone Wolf Terrorism

From Ayaan Hirsi Ali:

In a liberal society, it is appealing to think of suspects of Islamist terror as solitary actors. As a matter of principle, we uphold the importance of individual freedoms, rights, and responsibilities, while our judicial system assumes that individuals are responsible for their actions. We also recognise the importance of not maligning an entire community because of the extremist views of a few of their fellow believers. This is particularly crucial when the historical relationship between a particular minority and their new country is fraught with memories of colonialism.

But while individuals responsible for terrorist attacks may conduct their attacks alone, they still emerge out of communities or networks of like-minded individuals, whether in-person or online. They learn from teachers, imams or instructors the radical ideas that inspire their violence. This is not to say that their entire family or community is extremist — only that these individuals find and are exposed to people who are. Little is known about the background of the murder suspect, Ali, but we can be certain that if found guilty, he would not have plunged a knife into a total stranger, possibly picked at random, wholly of his own accord. Someone or some group would have inspired these actions.

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10,000 Gun Crimes In Gun Free Britain

From Breitbart:

Figures released by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) show that 9,787 crimes were committed with firearms in the year leading to March of 2019. The number of offences has risen by four per cent over the previous year and twenty-seven per cent in five years, the latest statistics available show.

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Brit Has Gun License Removed For Online Comments

From NRA:

In 2016, UK shooter and popular YouTube gun channel personality Callum Long-Collins told the BBC, “Being British and a firearms owner, it almost feels illegal to have any sort of opinion on using guns for self-defense.” The comments appear to have been proved correct. According to an April 23 article in The Times titled, “Gun licences stripped from shooting activist over YouTube comments,” Long-Collins told the publication that he lost an appeal to have his firearms licenses reinstated with the primary reason being the content of his YouTube page, EnglishShooting.

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British Citizen Hanged As ISIS Member In Iraq

From Express:

IRAQ is sentencing to death British jihadis who have travelled to the Middle East country to fight for Islamic State (ISIS) – and they are being hanged in a bid to protect Britain, according to a judge.

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British Paper Lectures on the Second Amendment

From The Guardian:

…those seeking sensible gun regulation – like the 83% of Americans who support a mandatory waiting period for buying a gun and the 67% of Americans who agree with a ban on assault weapons – should not just accept the distortion of the second amendment as fact. Instead, they should loudly respond that gun regulation’s proponents, not the NRA, are the true defenders of the second amendment. In fact, both supreme court case law and the text of the second amendment itself support reasonable regulations on guns. As written, the constitution and the second amendment permit precisely the kind of regulation Congress should enact.

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British Citizens Demand Their Gun Rights

From Tribunist:

As reported by Vocativ, Dave Ewing, a representative from Firearms-UK, a gun ownership advocacy group, said, “These tragedies may have been the eye opener to just how ineffective our laws are.”

Advocacy groups including Firearms-UK, Arm UK Citizens, England Wants Its Guns Back, and Legalise Guns in the UK, have taken to social media to make their perspectives heard regarding the strict legislation surrounding gun ownership in the UK and accusing the government of leaving citizens exposed to threats though the restrictions.

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The English Want Their Guns Back

Carry Now is an advocacy group in Europe and is growing in Britain in the wake of the terrorist attacks.

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Was Afghanistan Worth It For Britain?

From BBC:

The great majority of the ordinary Afghans I have spoken to about this over the years have no doubt about it: the British had helped to shore up this country and make it more stable and prosperous.

‘Now,’ said a man I came across in the north of Kabul, ‘the future is very good, with elections and everything. Before there was nothing like this place here, this road.’


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Women Sexually Assaulted by Libyan Soldiers Being Trained in Britain

From The Daily Mail:

Two Libyan soldiers who were being trained in the UK behaved like a ‘pack preying on women’ as they stalked them in the dark to sexually assault them, a court has heard.

The court heard how the soldiers – who all appeared in court wearing tracksuits – are based at Bassingbourn Barracks some 14 miles outside Cambridge.

Prosecutor Paul Brown told the court: ‘The most serious aspect of it it there are males targeting females under the cover of darkness.

The worst part about this is the entire thing, from A to Z, is the fault of the British government. The government brought those men in to the country and allowed for this possibility. That alone is bad enough, but the government also prevented those women from defending themselves by not allowing the possession of firearms. The entire situation is terrible but it is a good thing the women still have their lives, no thanks to the British government.

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Iraq and Syria Follow Lebanon’s Precedent

Iraq and Syria Follow Lebanon’s Precedent is republished with permission of Stratfor.”

By George Friedman

Lebanon was created out of the Sykes-Picot Agreement. This agreement between Britain and France reshaped the collapsed Ottoman Empire south of Turkey into the states we know today — Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, and to some extent the Arabian Peninsula as well. For nearly 100 years, Sykes-Picot defined the region. A strong case can be made that the nation-states Sykes-Picot created are now defunct, and that what is occurring in Syria and Iraq represents the emergence of post-British/French maps that will replace those the United States has been trying to maintain since the collapse of Franco-British power. Read the rest of this entry »

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UK Police Intercepting Cell Traffic

From: Threat Level

Britain’s largest police force has been using covert surveillance technology that can masquerade as a mobile phone network to intercept communications and unique IDs from phones or even transmit a signal to shut off phones remotely, according to the Guardian.

The system, made by Datong in the United Kingdom, was purchased by the London Metropolitan police, which paid $230,000 to Datong for “ICT hardware” in 2008 and 2009.

The portable device, which is the size of a suitcase, pretends to be a legitimate cell phone tower that emits a signal to dupe thousands of mobile phones in a targeted area. Authorities can then intercept SMS messages, phone calls and phone data, such as unique IMSI and IMEI identity codes that allow authorities to track phone users’ movements in real-time, without having to request location data from a mobile phone carrier.

A spokesman for the U.S. Secret Service verified to CNET that the agency has done business with Datong, but would not say what sort of technology it bought from the company.

The FBI is known to use a similar technology called Triggerfish, which also pretends to be a legitimate cell tower base station to trick mobile phones into connecting to it. The Triggerfish system, however, collects only location and other identifying information, and does not intercept phone calls, text messages, and other data.


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Big British defense cuts weaken Pentagon’s top military partner

As other European allies have dialed back military spending, Britain has been America’s most reliable and capable security partner. But the British defense cuts announced Tuesday will affect Britain’s ‘long-term ability to fight alongside the US.’

The British government’s announcement this week of a review that calls for the biggest cuts in British defense spending since the end of the cold war is raising questions about Britain’s ability to remain a global security player in coming years.”

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6 Muslims arrested in alleged terror threat to pope

LONDON – British police staged a pre-dawn raid at a London garbage depot Friday, arresting five street cleaners in a suspected terrorist plot against Pope Benedict XVI on the second day of his state visit to Britain. A sixth person was arrested later in the day.

The Vatican said the pope was calm despite the arrests and planned no changes to his schedule. But the arrests overshadowed a major address by Benedict to British politicians, businessmen and cultural leaders about the need to restore faith and ethics to public policy-making.

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Three guilty of bomb plot in airline attacks trial

A composite of undated handout images from the Metropolitan Police shows (L-R Top) Umar Islam, Waheed Zaman, Assad Sarwar, Mohammed Gulzar; (L-R Bottom) Arafat Khan, Abdullah Ibrahim Savant, Abdullah Ahmed Ali, and Tanvir Hussain. File photo, The Province

“Britain’s longest terrorist investigation ended on Thursday when three Muslims were convicted of conspiring to become suicide bombers in a plot to blow up trans-Atlantic airliners.

Ibrahim Savant, Arafat Waheed Khan, and Waheed Zaman made vitriolic suicide videos in which they blamed the West for their actions.

The three men were the “front-line troops” in “a deadly and co-ordinated campaign against the general public”, said Peter Wright QC, prosecuting, during the case.”

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