Ignorant Congressman Doesn’t Understand Guns, Bullets or the Purpose of the Second Amendment

From The Journal News:

The only people who should have access to these bullets are law enforcement and the military. There is no conceivable reason for anybody else to need access to a handgun round that can pierce body armor. It is our responsibility to do whatever we can to keep law enforcement safe – to protect them while they protect us. And when the gun industry fights to keep ammunition like this on the street, we must stand up.

Hunters and law-abiding gun owners have no need for a compact, semi-automatic firearm with ammunition that punches through body armor. Deer don’t wear Kevlar. Yet over and over again, we hear the gun industry lobby arguing to ensure that civilians have access to cop-killing bullets.

Why do police need armor piercing bullets? How many crimes have been committed by people wearing body armor? Every .30 caliber rifle round can pierce soft body armor. If you are truly against “armor piercing ammo” then you should want all rifle ammunition banned. Hunting is a false argument, the second amendment never mentions hunting. At the time of the War of Independence the citizens of the colonies were just as well armed as the Redcoats. There were even towns that had their own armories stocked with cannons.

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