What To Do Once You Have A Self Defense Gun

From The Federalist:

people do what they want or need to do, and while many gun owners want to shoot guns for fun, most don’t think they’ll need to defend themselves, so they don’t take defensive training seriously.

just as cemeteries are full of people who—thinking “it won’t happen to me”—smoked, drank alcoholic and sugary drinks, ate junk food, and never exercised or got their blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, and body fat numbers under control, they’re also occupied by people who weren’t prepared when a criminal attacked. And unmarked graves around the world are full of people who thought the mass murders that always accompany leftist dictatorships wouldn’t happen to them either.

If you’re a gun owner thinking “Okay, point made. Now what?,” here are some suggestions for getting your defensive act together.

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