On The Ground In Ottawa From National Review

From NRO:

Midway through its third week of existence, the movement that descended on Ottawa to protest the country’s pandemic mandates at the end of January has transitioned into an outpouring of music, dance, and prayer. The convoy has a distinctly surreal feel — a winter version of the 1967 Summer of Love, minus the LSD and plus (many) more layers of clothing. Encampments have sprung up in different blocks around Parliament, each with its own distinct living quarters, food, and DJ booth. One built a makeshift house out of plywood on the back of an 18-wheeler; another set up an outdoor gym with a bench press, dumbbells, and a barbell looped through two fuel cans. “Each block of truckers has become a family,” Greg Wieler, who is attending the protest with his wife, told me. “They made a commitment — they made a bond with each other that says, we’re here till the end.”


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