Biden’s Schizophrenic Gun Policies

From Bearing Arms:

The lesson that most of the radical left seems to be missing when it comes to the war in Ukraine, the alleged war crimes, and any possible cure people may get, is that there’s a whole lot of precaution that could have been exercised to stave off such an invasion. Conceivably, the “supermarket” status of Ukraine’s black market arms cache is what can be attributed to some of the level of “success”  the Ukrainians have in keeping Russian forces somewhat at bay.

The disarmament policies of the Biden-Harris administration, inclusive of their Department of Justice, are exactly what’s needed to create a population that’s ripe for being rolled over by tanks. If Garland and the rest of the swamp critters were really genuine, they’d look inward and say “Ya know, we don’t want this happening here, so perhaps it’s best to arm and train our people.” No such utterance would come from the party of civil-liberty usurpation. 

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